JURTEKSI (Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi)

JURTEKSI (Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi) is a scientific journal which is published by LPPM STMIK Royal Kisaran. This journal contains a collection of research in information technology and computer system written by researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners

JURTEKSI with ISSN 2407-1811 (printed) and ISSN 2550-0201 (online) has been accredited with "3rd" grade by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture decision Number B/2493/E5/E5.2.1/2019 which is valid for five years since enacted from volume 4 number 2 (June 2018)

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Vol 6, No 3 (2020): August 2020

Table of Contents


Mi`rajul Rifqi
201 - 208
M. Nuraminudin
209 - 214
Ellin Asynari, Dede Wahyudi, Qurrotul Aeni
215 - 220
Juniar Hutagalung, Azlan Azlan
221 - 230
Siti Nurajizah, Nila Alis Ambarwati, Sri Muryani
231 - 238
Luki Hernando
239 - 246