1. Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR)Authors are NOT required to pay an Article Submission Fee.
  2. Article Processing Charges (APCs): 0 (IDR) Authors are NOT required to pay an Article Processing Charges
  3. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an Article Publication Fee: 500.000 (IDR). This charge is for the first 10 pages, and if any published manuscript over 10 pages will incur extra charges 50.000 IDR per page.
  4. Manuscripts submitted by high impact authors (first author or corresponding author with minimum Scopus/WoS h-index: 10) or for foreign (non-Indonesian) authors are eligible for the 100% discount on the Article Publication Fee or free of charge.
  5. A waiver or partial waiver of author fees may be decided by the editor in case of lack of funding, excessive length of a submitted manuscript or other reasonable reasons provided by the author during the submission. The author should clearly declare that he asks for a waiver in the comments to the Editor box during their submission. A waiver is most likely to be denied if it is not asked in this stage. The waiver will have no effect on the review result.