Chitra Latiffani, Uswatun Hasanah


Thus research raises the issue regarding the cover measure to prevent COVID-19 Virus which is the current global pandemic by physical and social distancing. Tis study used a survey instrument that was shown to STMIK Royal Kisaran student freshman. With this research, the researchers want to know to what extent the knowledge of STMIK Royal Kisaran student about physical and social distancing also what prevention act they take to deal with COVID-19 Virus. Finally, the author can suggest this research to be utilized and developed in providing knowledge about COVID-19 Virus to be more efficient and effective, and also it can be used as knowledge for the community in dealing with COVID-19 Virus.

Keyords: Prevention, Covid-19, Survey, Physical Distancing, Social Distancing, STMIK Royal Kisaran

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