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Abstract: Chili is a type of horticulture plant that is widely cultivated in Indonesia because it has a high selling value. Chili is widely used as a basic ingredient of cooking spices, food industry, and medicine. Chili has a spicy taste due to the content of capsaicin in it. Various kinds of chilies found in Indonesia, one of which is curly red chili. There are several types of red chili in Indonesia, the number of these species makes farmers confused in cultivating which chili seeds are suitable according to climate, area, and the length of time needed in the cultivation of curly red chilies. Adequate capital and skills also require some other supporting factors, such as selecting seedlings and determining the location of agriculture. The high demand for chili makes the supply of chili increased in Indonesia. The problem is that in cultivating a few curly red chili seeds farmers have not been able to select superior chili seeds that have high productivity levels to increase the yield of chili farmers. In selecting superior red chili seeds researchers used a decision support system that uses the Multi-Objective Optimization On The Base Of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) method. By using the MOORA method, it is expected to produce the best alternative of red chili seeds from several alternative choices and criteria that have been determined.


Keywords: Chili Seed, Multi-Objective Optimization Decision Support System On The Base Of Ratio Analysis (MOORA).

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